Free Chapters From Microsoft Press Books About Windows 7

Microsoft will be announcing quite a few Windows 7 related books such Windows 7 Resource Kit, Windows 7 Inside Out, and Windows 7 Step-by-Step, in coming days. If you are a novice Windows 7 user, and want to learn each and every feature of Windows 7, these books will certainly help you to step-up your knowledge.

Microsoft is providing parts (read it as chapters) of these soon to be published press books for free. Available chapters:

Windows 7 inside out:
Performing Routine Maintenance in Windows 7

Windows 7 resource kit:
Support users & remote assistance
Deploying IPV6

Windows 7 step by step:
Navigate Windows and folders
Explorer Windows 7

官方下載:Performing Routine Maintenance in Windows 7
官方下載:Support users & remote assistance
官方下載:Deploying IPV6
官方下載:Navigate Windows and folders
官方下載:Explorer Windows 7


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