PDF轉檔軟體 PDF Creator Plus v4.008

PDF Creator Plus makes PDF creation as easy as printing. PDF Creator Plus combines a virtual printer with a preview application that displays your printed document before the PDF is created. From the preview application you can create a PDF from a single document or leave the preview open and continue printing to build a PDF from multiple documents.

Create PDF documents from Microsoft Word with your headings, outlines and hyperlinks intact by using the Save as PDF Add-In included with the product. In the preview window, the annotation tools allow you to add new or edit existing headings, bookmarks and hyperlinks.
The preview window is more than just a preview – it is also includes common editing features. You can rearrange, add, copy or delete pages before creating your PDF. The included annotation tools can be used to add notes and graphics to highlight important areas in your document. You can even save your printed pages as a PDF Creator Plus project file so you can revise your PDF at any time.
As an added bonus, PDF Creator Plus is not limited to creating only PDF documents. In addition to PDF, you can also create TIFF, JPEG, Windows BMP images, and placeable Enhanced Metafile (EMF) files.

Merge Multiple Documents
Easily combine documents from different applications into a single PDF file. Microsoft Office documents, emails, web pages, and files from any application that can print – PDF Creator Plus can handle them all.

Keep Microsoft Word Hyperlink and Outline Information
Use the Save As PDF add-in for Microsoft Word to create PDF documents with all the headings, bookmarks and hyperlinks intact. You can also use the annotation tools in the preview application to add and edit headings, bookmarks and hyperlinks

Works from any Windows Application
You only need one program to be able to convert from any Windows application. If you can print from your Windows program, then PDF Creator Plus can create a PDF.

Preview Application Includes Editing Features
Each time you print your printed pages are displayed in a preview application. Leave the preview application open and continue printing to build PDF documents from multiple files.

Powerful set of Annotation Tools
Use the preview application’s annotation tools to add notes and graphics to highlight important areas, or mask out information that may be sensitive.

Combine and Reorganize Pages
Use the preview application to combine, rearrange, add, copy or delete any pages before you create your PDF. Easily combine and manage documents of different paper sizes (letter, legal etc) and orientations.

Multiple Conversion Types
PDF Creator Plus is not limited to just creating PDF files; you can also create TIFF, JPEG, BMP and EMF files.

Custom Image Compression
Keep your file size small by choosing the best compression method for the type of images in your document.

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PDF Creator Plus v4.008


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