PDF格式轉換軟體 PdfGrabber v5.0.0.8 Pro


PdfGrabber makes it possible to export from PDF documents into various formats, e.g. PDF to Excel, PDF to RTF/Word, PDF to DXF/CAD, PDF to XML, PDF to PowerPoint, PDF to text or PDF to HTML.

※ Convert PDF documents quickly and easily into all key formats.
※ Use the original fonts embedded in the PDF for even closer adherence to the original layout.
※ Use the content editor to select which part of the PDF is to be exported, or convert the whole PDF.
※ Remote control via command line, monitored folders and COM interface make daily tasks easier.
※ Network licenses allow simultaneous export of PDFs for multiple users in a network.
※ Decide whether images are to be exported, or convert the whole PDF into an image.

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